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    It has long been established that a diet high in fruits and vegetables can trim our waistline and lower the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer. There is now a growing body of ..
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    If you were told that you could live longer by adhering to a set of healthy behaviors, would you believe it?  More importantly, would you be willing to adopt those behaviors? The 2017 data from ..
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    Healthcare workers are always asking their patients to cut down on cigarettes because it is not good for their health. An article recently published in the British Medical Journal reveals that ..
  • Americans Continue to Get Fat..
    Over the past 30 years, obesity has overtaken smoking as public enemy number one. Many health campaigns have been run to raise awareness of obesity and how to prevent it. Healthcare workers have ..
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    Healthcare workers have a tendency of prescribing opioids to patients suffering from moderate to severe pain. Over the past two decades, it has become obvious that the opioids are dangerous drugs ..
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    There is no question that breastfeeding has many benefits for the infant. But a new study shows that breastfeeding may also benefit the mother. According to the study published in the Journal of ..
  • Is Cheese Healthy?..
    In general, most dairy foods are recommended as they as rich in vitamins and contain minerals like calcium. But what about cheese? Cheese is not a novel food product by any means and almost every ..
  • Is Prolonged Sitting Bad For Your Heart?..
    Millions of people sit for prolonged hours both at work and at home. For some, there is no choice because of the type of job they do. But there are others who get into the habit of sitting in one ..