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  • Exercise Found To Be Beneficial During Pregna..
    Studies have found that an approved exercise program is beneficial for mother and baby during pregnancy. Dr. Raul Artal, from the Saint Louis University School of Medicine said “We know that ..
  • Walmart: Your First Choice for Organic Food??..
    There was a time in the not so distant past, when organic food was a niche market. Organic products were bought and sold by the same ‘crunchy granola’ demographic. Not any more. In fact, since ..
  • The Facts on Flax..
    New visitors to my home sometimes like to snoop around my kitchen, curious to see what foods I stock up on. If you were to peek inside my refrigerator, you’d undoubtedly find a bag of ..
  • Choosing an Oral Diabetes Medication..
    All oral diabetes medications must be prescribed by a doctor. Your doctor will take into account your lifestyle, physical conditions and personal needs before prescribing any particular drug or ..
  • ELIZABETH SMOOTS | Alzheimer’s Disease ..
    3 Ways You Can Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk Losing mental alacrity as we age is a fear many persons have. Developing a degenerative brain disease means life quality declines. Researchers still ..
  • Green fuel may increase asthma rates..
    LONDON: Green fuels used in school buses may increase asthma rates, warn experts. American experts believe that the bio fuels made from corn, sugar cane and rapeseed can cause more damage to ..
  • Mineral Deficiencies And Food Cravings..
    Similar mechanisms may be at work in food cravings although clinicians note that deficiencies in certain minerals may trigger carbohydrate/sugar cravings. Five minerals (and their co-factors) are ..
  • The Power of GLA..
    Can Chili Peppers Cure Diabetes? Researchers may have found the cure for Type 1 Diabetes. According to diabetes is responsible for 30,000 new cases a year in America. If studies ..