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  • Non-Compliance With Medications – A Nat..
    Over the past few decades, one epidemic that has never been talked about is noncompliance with medications. The exact number of people in the US who do not take their prescribed medications is ..
  • FDA Approves Drug for Multiple Sclerosis..
    The US Food and Drug administration has approved the first prescribed medication to treat a severe form of multiple sclerosis. This new treatment offers hope for patients who in the past had no ..
  • Exercise Is Discontinued Much Earlier In Life..
    Despite the well-known benefits of exercise, there are still many people who do not have a physically active lifestyle. Experts have always believed that most people stop exercising during ..
  • Americans Still Not Exercising..
    Obesity is at all-time high and costing billions of dollars to the healthcare system. And one would think that obese individuals would be trying to lose their weight considering the fact it ..
  • Life Expectancy Drops in the USA..
    Despite having the best hospitals and an abundance of healthcare workers, the USA continues to lag where it matters most – life expectancy. Among the richest nations of the world, US ranks ..
  • Data trends show correlation between increase..
    GMS & Cancer Current trending data indicate a strong correlation between the increase in organ diseases and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in the food rations. With the rise in ..
  • Ketogenic diet fights depression, bipolar dis..
    Ketogenic the Wonder Diet America’s never-ending crusade for slimmer bodies may have gained an ally: the Ketogenic diet. The low-carb, high-fat diet Ketogenic diet is best known for rapid ..
  • The Happiest US State..
    Every year there is a survey done to determine the happiest state in the US and this year, yet again, the honor goes to Hawaii. This land of beautiful beaches, mountains and lots of greenery once ..