Cannabis extract can have dramatic effect on brain cancer says new research

Dramatic Effect of Cannabis on Brain Cancer

Cannabis for Brain tumoursRecent evidence shows that the use of cannabis along with radiotherapy can significantly stunt the growth of cancer tumors. The study, conducted by researchers at St. George’s University of London, investigated the treatment of brain cancer tumors in the lab and discovered that when combined with active chemical components of the cannabis plant cannabinoids, the treatment was extremely effective. The research is published in the Molecular Cancer Therapeutics Journal.

Brain cancer is a fatal disease as it can be very difficult to treat. Nearly 5200 patients die each year from this disease. Survival rate five years after diagnosis of brain cancer is only 10 percent.

Cannabinoids, also known as phytocannabinoids, are the active chemical component of cannabis. There are 85 known cannabinoids.

During this study, the two chemicals that were tested include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). The tumors of the study subjects were treated in multiple ways: no treatment, cannabinoids alone, irradiation alone and cannabinoids and irradiation together. This is the first time that a study has shown the effectiveness of combining THC and CBD with irradiation.

Lead researcher of the study Dr. Wai Liu is very optimistic about the results. He explained that those treated with both cannabinoids and irradiation saw the most beneficial results and the most drastic reduction in the size of the tumors. He also conveyed that in some, the tumors disappeared completely. The findings thus highlight the need for further research in humans so that a possible treatment solution could be determined for a fatal disease like brain cancer.

“The benefits of the cannabis plant elements were known before but the drastic reduction of brain cancers if used with irradiation is something new and may well prove promising for patients who are in gravely serious situations with such cancers in the future.”

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