Depopulation: Gates pushes nanoparticle vaccine, Giant leap against mankind

Depopulating on contact ‘to save lives’ a possible giant leap against mankind with nanoparticle vaccine push by Bill Gates

Depopulation might take a giant leap if a Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HCI) proposal in “Grand Challenges Explorations” is granted as it will have a million Gates Foundation US dollars to develop a nanoparticle vaccine on contact with human perspiration according to a written statement released Wednesday. Bill Gates, who has stated in a TED presentation that vaccines are a favored method of depopulation, is promoting this project touted as a way to save lives, but raising concerns about negative eugenics and violation of the human right to self-determination including right to informed consent.

“The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation might be funding a programme supporting a ‘global health project’ to develop nanoparticles that will release vaccine on contact with human sweat” according to a written statement by the Helmholtz Centre in Braunschweig.

If successful, The Helmhotz Centre, conducting the POLMITRANSVAC (Pollen Mimetic Transcutaneous Vaccination) research programme in co-operation with Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research (HIPS), “the Gates Foundation will take the project into its second phase with up to a million US dollars of financing,” it states.

“This is the first time that we at the HCI are linking our expertise in the development of vaccines with the years of experience in devising potentially usable active substances with nanoparticles… possessed by the HIPS scientists in Saarbrücken” say scientists Carlos Alberto Guzmán of the HCI, Claus-Michael Lehr and Steffi Hansen of HIPS and Ulrich Schäfer of University of the Saarland.

“What is novel about our method is the way the vaccine gets into the body. The nanoparticles press through hair follicles into the skin, burst on contact with human sweat and release the vaccines – as with pollen sensitization. This method of vaccination obviates painful injection with a needle and has the potential to trigger an immune response in the mucous membrane.”

The nanoparticle vaccine HCI research project is among 78 projects Gates is promoting in the “Grand Challenges Explorations” Fourth Round of proposals according to the statement.

“The Initiative supports researchers throughout the world seeking to develop strategies for diagnosis and prevention of infectious disease and improving family health. Selection was made from among 2,700 proposals submitted for consideration. The Foundation supports research projects in a total of 18 countries on six continents.

Grand Challenges Explorations

“Grand Challenges Explorations provides continuing support to original and creative ideas that can assist the campaign against health problems,” said Tachi Yamada, President of World Health Programme of the Gates Foundation.

“We are convinced that some of these ideas will lead to new innovations and ultimately to solutions that will save lives.”

Grand Challenges Explorations is a five-year-long initiative with a budget of over 100 million dollars promoting innovation in the field of World Health. It is part of the “Grand Challenges in Global Health” initiative supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation seeking “important innovations in global health care services.”

As Mr. Gates explained in a TED presentation, humans are causing too much CO2; the main way to reduce that is to reduce the population; and vaccines are a favored way to depopulate.

In September 2010, Dupré reported on the Gates and depopulation:

“Although many people rejected the H1N1 swine flu toxic experimental vaccine, some 200 million people, mainly the poor and people of color, have received it according to Reuters. This has been a major win for Eugenics proponents and leaders determining who will live and who to kill.” (Note: This article on the internet has been tampered: The embedded Gates video has been deleted, as have photo and links that had been there.)

When We Are Change members later questioned Mr. Gates about those statements he had made during the TED presentation, after attempting to avoid the human rights defenders, Gates replied, “It’s not an easy topic to talk about.”

Mr. Gates was then reported by Reuters saying vaccine investment offers best returns, the best possible investment in “global health.”

“Gates, who said his top priority was helping to eradicate polio worldwide, also met health ministers from countries including Afghanistan and Pakistan where the virus continues to paralyze unvaccinated children.”

In April 2011, vaccine human rights were upheld in a Belgium court that ruled against mandatory polio vaccination law, an outdated law causing children to get polio instead of preventing it studies show.