Executive Health Exam in NYC

Dr. Gafanovich understands that the life of a business person is hectic, and there is often very little time in the schedule to tend to personal physical health needs, not to mention health examinations and annual physicals. The NYC Executive physical is a comprehensive physical exam that was created with the busy executive or corporate manger in mind.  The exams are designed tp be completed within 1 hour. The diagnostic tests results are going to be given at the end of the patient’s visit. The blood work will be available within 24 hours. A more specialized blood tests within 3 to 5 business days. It is the VIP experience in preventative medicine.

The executive physical includes several tests and health screenings. These include a personal medical history, a comprehensive physical examination, basic blood work and more advanced lab screening if necessary, a urine test, a pregnancy test ( if applicable), a cardiovascular assessment with ECG, peripheral arterial disease screening and abdominal arotic anuarysm screening if indicated, a pulmonary assessment including spirometry and chest Xray and auditory evaluation . The doctor then address your health care maintanence issues such as colorectal cancer screening , prostate cancer screening ( if applicable), breast cancer screening ( if applicable) and osteoporosis screening ( if applicable) and provides you the appropriate referrals.

The purpose of the executive physical is to detect any risk factors of diseases that may impact your personal and professional life and to detect and treat any current health issues. Dr. Gafanovich is always available to address your healthcare needs. You can contact her office at your earliest convenience and schedule your appointment.

What does the NYC Executive Check Up Offer?

The Executive Physical is a comprehensive physical examination that is designed to evaluate your overall health, help in the detection of diseases, and prevent diseases and conditions based on your present risk factors. All aspects affecting your physical health will be addressed, with a high priority placed upon early disease detection and prevention. Having a New York annual physical examination can provide early disease protection, which in turn can help to prolong your lifespan.  Lastly, your physical exam gives you the opportunity to get to know your health care provider in a relaxed setting.

What hours are available for an Executive Physical Exam?

We prefer to schedule our executive physicals during the regular business hours which are Monday to Friday 10 to 5 pm. However, we will make every effort to accommodate our patients and if needed to schedule their exam at the time convenient for them.  Additional fees will apply in that case.

What is the difference between an executive health exam and a routine checkup?

A routine checkup is a basic health evaluation. Internal testing is not part of a routine checkup, and is usually only ordered when the doctor sees evidence of a problem that has already arisen. An Executive Physical tests for conditions with internal tests in order to catch them before they lead to a disease that could render you incapable of doing your job. We know that executives are imperative to keep our country running, especially in our current times, and we like to keep our business people healthy.

What is a typical executive?

An executive is someone who is dedicated to their company, and has put in a lot of hard work to make sure that they have created the best business that they can. Executives make difficult decisions that make or break their companies on a daily basis. Their lives are high stress, busy and exhausting, but often come with great rewards.

Your physical checkup in NYC can provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that you are in good health—or even that you are taking steps to advance your health.  This can lead to less stress and a more relaxed state of living.

Dr. Marina Gafanovich, MD

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Physical exams should be a part of an annual plan of every New Yorker. Visit Dr. Gafanovich in Manhattan to get a peace of mind in knowing that you are in good health.

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What can I expect when I arrive?

Most executives can expect prompt service from our office with a wait time no longer than 15 minutes. Your age, gender, past medical history, lifestyle, current personal nutritional intake and more are incorporated into a comprehensive medial interview. Every patient’s age and gender as well as their medical history are considered. We also take into account your immunization history, needed boosters, travel immunizations and more to make sure that you are on schedule.

What tests do you suggest?

The doctor address your health care maintanence issues such as colorectal cancer screening , prosate cancer screening ( if applicable), breast cancer screening ( if applicable) and osteoporosis screening ( if applicable) and provides you the appropriate referrals.  She discusses healthy lifestyle habits adn address your individual questions and concerns.

Insurance coverage

We serve your health and it is our goal to provide you with the most comprehensive round of exams and testing on the market today. Call your insurance coverage to determine coverage eligibility. Additionally, we charge an initiation fee to accommodate the white-glove service for our executive patients.