Woman Delivers A Baby On Fifth Avenue

Woman Delivers A Baby On Fifth AvenueOn Friday a woman successfully delivered a baby girl on Fifth Avenue, New York.

The baby was greeted by onlookers from Central Park applauding the doctors who delivered the child in the parents SUV.

One lady who heard the commotion, Lucille Nassery, said she could hear the pregnant lady screaming from her office “I heard a woman screaming and I said, ‘That’s the sound of someone having a baby,’ said the nursery manager Nassery. “That sound is different than someone screaming in horror.”

Mother , Elizabeth Brew, 39, was less than a block away from the hospital with her husband when the baby began to crown. She was 33-weeks pregnant.

Hospital staff and Physicians rushed to the scene with equipment to help Dr. Anya Kogan deliver the newborn.

After delivering a 4 pound and 13 ounce girl, Brew was rushed away to a delivery room at the hospital, where she then delivered a 5 pound, 5 ounce twin boy.

“I’m sure for the mother it was kind of a tense experience but for us it was actually a lot of fun,” said Nassery.

The newborn babies are expected to remain in hospital for a couple of weeks as they were born premature. Brew, who has two other children, is also recovering from the ordeal at the hospital.

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